How to Prepare for Professional Headshots

How to Prepare for Professional Headshots

How to Prepare (the week before)

*Hydrate a week before your session (don’t forget that H2O)

*Avoid trying out a new skin care regimen a few days before the session

*Get a fresh cut and color about a week prior

*Exfoliate skin and lips 

*Practice facial expressions and angles in the mirror prior to the shoot. This way you will know your best angles! 

*Speaking of best angles, you probably already know what those are. Which side of your face will you take your selfies? Let me know when you see me.

What to Wear

*Solid colors work best

*Love your clothing choice, be sure they compliment your body style, and be comfortable

*Colors that compliment skin tones and eyes

*Bring 2-3 clothing options and/or layers

*No logos; unless it is the company logo you are representing

*Avoid busy jewelry. Keep it complimentary but simple

*If you decide on a pattern keep it simple and possibly bring a layer (jacket, blazer, etc.)

*Iron clothes and bring them to the session on a hanger

*Bring a lint roller if you are wearing a dark color

Make Up/Hair

*If possible please hire a make up and hair artist for your session

*If you are doing your own make up I have a few tips for you too:

 Try putting a little more concealer under the eyes, stay away from dark colors that will make the eyes appear smaller, highlight and shadow to enhance bone structure, and choose a complementary lip color. Lighter lip colors work best for professional portraits. If you wish to wear a darker shade bring it with you and we will apply it at the end of the session.

*Please bring powder to set your make up and avoid shine. Translucent powder works great to avoid shine

*Bring a lip balm and gloss for touch ups

*Hair should be hair sprayed into place to avoid fly-aways

For Men

*Hair cut within the week of the session

*Shave neck

*Trim up facial hair the day of the session


*Your hands may appear in some of the photos so please manicure nails

*Professional manicures are a bonus


*Bring a comfortable pair and “the” pair for the shot (just incase we need to walk)

*Most of the headshots are taken shoulders up, but we can include a few full body photos

Editing (What to ask for)

*Please don’t hesitate to ask for specific editing. Just know if the editing is extensive (body shaping) I may charge an additional editing fee. Do you like, and want to keep, all beauty marks? Do you like or dislike the scar above your eye? Keep the moles or take them away? Please let me know so I can plan accordingly.

*I will minimize (but not fully erase) lines

*I will edit out acne

*I can edit out cold sores

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