You’ve Booked a Newborn Session, Now What?!

Looking at all of these adorable newborn photos you might be wondering, “how do I get ready for my own baby’s newborn session?” Here are a few things you should know for your session!

When should I book the newborn shoot?

You will book your birth month with me and then I will schedule you after the arrival of your baby. I take a specific number of newborns per month to ensure I have time in scheduling your shoot within two weeks of birth. When the baby arrives simply notify me and we will get you scheduled in.

When should we schedule the session?

Newborns are easiest to pose within the first two weeks of life. This is because they are used to life in the womb! They are easily posed into tucked positions and will often be very sleepy! If you can’t make it to the session within two weeks it’s more difficult to get some of the “typical” newborn poses, but they’ll usually be fine wrapped and photographed in a basket. You might also consider a “Lifestyle” session holding baby and photographing them in their own crib.

How long will the session be?

The session is dictated mostly by your little one. Luckily for us within the first two weeks of life they do tend to sleep a lot naturally. Either way they might wake each time we move them into a new prop, so we can expect at least a two hour session. With multiple props, some wrapping changes, and settling them in between (and maybe a feed as well) these sessions take time. The session “might” be three hours but I wouldn’t want it to go any longer than that. Over three hours becomes tiring for everyone involved; if baby is still unsettled we might simply reschedule to a time when baby is more sleepy.

What should I bring with me to the session?

Technically just you, the baby, and what you would pack for an every day outing. This means different things for different people, but typically that would include: pacifier, bottle, formula, burp cloth, diaper, wipes, and an extra outfit. If you breast feed you can bring a cover or not (whatever makes you comfortable). I have all of the props, blankets, furs, and wraps, but you are welcome to bring a bow, wrap, or other item you might want baby photographed with.

How to prepare for your session?

Please dress baby in a zip or button down outfit so we don’t need to slip anything over their head once they arrive. I’ll have the studio nice and warm (about 70 degrees). It is great if you can feed the baby when you arrive. This way we have a nice full baby for photos! If you prefer to feed the baby right before the car ride that is fine too. We just want them fed and full during the session so they are nice and content.

What to expect when you arrive?

I will send location information upon booking. My studio is a 300 sq ft space and I have a changing table and sofa for clients.

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