Mermaid Photoshoots!

As many of you know the past year I’ve been taking Unicorn photos. I had a client ask me if I could do the same “dream” look for a Mermaid Session and I said, “YES!” I was so excited about this session because I’ve seen these photos on Pinterest and knew my clients would love to have this option! So about two weeks ago I went to Ft. Fisher, NC, scoped out a location, and shot a magical “mermaid session.” It took a bit of planning, back and forth on the mermaid tail selection, and purchasing some digital backdrops /art, and finding a top, but we made it happen. I’m excited now to share the results and announce that I’ll be happy to travel back to the beach for more. Next weekend I’ll have two mermaids and a pirate too! So stay tuned for those photos. I know that I could probably shoot these in a studio and composite everything, but I personally like a little realness to these “dream” shoots. I believe it helps the kids actually visualize what we are doing a little better, and maybe even dream a little too <3 It isn’t solely about the final product to me, it is about the experience, and I want to make these shoots fun for my little clients too! Even with a little sand in awkward places this shoot will be one to remember ;). Enjoy these photos and don’t hesitate to reach out and plan your own dream shoot!

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